The Burton and Fisher investment portfolios have been devised in partnership with discretionary fund manager Albemarle Street Partners.

What is the role of Burton and Fisher?

Burton and Fisher are responsible for agreeing the shape of the portfolios with Albemarle Street Partners which are run for our clients. This involves agreeing how risk is managed within the portfolio and the level of flexibility it has in pursuit of returns. Each quarter an investment committee meets which scrutinises all the decisions made by Albemarle Street Partners. This committee reviews each investment chosen for the portfolio and ensures that it remains appropriate to meet the needs of the investor. It is the role of Burton and Fisher to determine that Albemarle Street Partners remains the appropriate discretionary investment manager for our clients and should we determine it is not we are free to move to a different approach.

What is Albemarle Street Partners’ role?

Albemarle Street Partners is a professional investment manager. It analyses changing market conditions and investment opportunities on a daily basis, meeting with fund managers and scrutinising the risks in the portfolio.

Albemarle Street Partners has been appointed by Burton and Fisher to assist in making the investment decisions necessary to create the right portfolio for our clients based upon the risk profiles we have built. When an investor chooses discretionary investment management, they agree that the investment manager can make changes to the portfolio on a day to day basis, provided the portfolio remains appropriate for the client.

How we determine the right asset allocation?

Establishing the right mix of assets in a portfolio is of crucial importance. It is this which best controls the level of risk an investor takes and ensures they are able to benefit from the right level of growth. The asset allocation of your portfolios is determined to ensure it matches the risk appetite you have shown you have through your interactions with your financial adviser.

Albemarle Street Partners review the changing market environment looking at factors such as interest rates, economic growth and the valuation of different asset classes to find the optimal blend of assets for the level of risk a client can take.

Each quarter our investment committee discusses a wide range of factors to establish the right asset allocation approach for the months ahead.

Choosing the right funds

To choose the right investment funds Albemarle Street Partners employs a long-established screening tool which analyses the risk-adjusted performance of all of the funds available to investors. This screening tool ensures that only those demonstrating consistent returns are considered for investment. However, before a fund is chosen for a portfolio the individuals running that fund must meet with Albemarle for an intensive interview process. This process examines the dynamics of the team running the fund and must build confidence that past success can be repeated through an established and well-documented investment process.

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