The cost of long-term care is something many of us worry about as we grow older. Just four years in a residential or nursing home can cost over £114,000, and the expense can quickly eat through your life savings.

It’s little wonder that the prospect of paying for long-term care can cause unneeded worry and distress, so we offer specialist financial advice to help ease your concerns.

Get Specialised Later Life Financial Advice

Financial planning advice for older clients, especially the vulnerable or ill, is a very specialised area. If you’re looking for the best possible advice, you should speak to an independent adviser who holds the “CF8” long term care qualification. Most tied bank advisers don’t have this qualification.

At Burton & Fisher, our team can give you expert, independent advice on financing your long-term care; rather than paying commission, you’ll have the option to pay a fee for your advice and you’ll get a report which explains, in detail, the reasoning for the advice you get. This ensures that everything is completely transparent and honest, giving you reliable advice and peace of mind.

Financing long-term care can require difficult decisions; you may need to sell a family home or cash in other assets. We’ll help you to understand what your options really are, so you can make properly informed decisions for your future.

Contact Burton & Fisher for CF8 Qualified Advice

Burton & Fisher are proud to be able to offer completely independent, personal financial advice. If you would like to speak to an independent CF8-qualified financial adviser about your arrangements for long-term care planning finance, contact us to arrange an appointment at our office in Lancaster today.

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