Financial Planning

Our advice process follows six steps outlined below.

Initial Meeting

The first meeting with an adviser is at our expense. This allows you to find out more about the firm and how we work with clients. It also allows us to see how we can help you and if we can add value to you.

If after the initial discussion you are happy to proceed we shall discuss our client service proposition with you and discuss the charges that you may have to pay for the advice.

At this point you may choose to move immediately to the next stage or agree to meet again.

Getting To Know You

We shall complete a full financial fact-find where we shall discuss your current circumstances and record this so that we can ensure that the advice we give you is tailored to your needs. This is of course an ongoing process and shall need to be updated regularly.

Part of this process shall involve completing a risk profiling questionnaire which shall help us to understand your knowledge and experience in financial matters and also allow us to assess the level of risk that you are prepared to accept and your capacity for financial loss.

We shall not make a recommendation until this part of the process has been fully completed. We shall ask for a considerable amount of information at this stage including details of your income and expenses. This information is of course strictly confidential, but the more information you can give us, the more suitable our solution will be.

We may also ask you to sign paperwork at this stage which shall authorise Burton and Fisher to become the servicing adviser on your current plans.

An estimate of costs shall also be given at the end of this stage.

Independent Research

Your adviser in conjunction with the in house paraplanning team shall undertake detailed research taking into account every possible aspect of your financial and personal circumstances. This shall include your tax position, existing plans, future goals, attitude towards risk and capacity for loss.

This process typically will take two weeks but may be shorter for simpler cases or considerably longer should your finances be particularly complex.

Should the estimated fee be likely to differ considerably from the estimate then your adviser shall contact you.

Discussion Of Proposals

Once a recommendation has been prepared you shall be asked to come in to the office for a further meeting where our proposals shall be presented to you.

Normally at this stage you will be given a recommendation in writing along with supporting documentation such as illustrations and key facts documents. You will also be given written confirmation of the final fee.

You will be given time to review the recommendation and you may need a further meeting with your adviser at this stage. It is vital that you fully understand and are happy with the recommendations and we encourage you at this point to ask questions and discuss matters in full with your adviser.

Agree And Implement The Plan

At this stage you may decide that you wish to proceed with some or all of the recommendations proposed. Once agreed, your adviser will assist you with the preparation of any paperwork that is required and shall submit this on your behalf.

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