Burton and Fisher Financial Services was established with three very important core principles in mind.

Our aim is to ensure that these core principles and values flow throughout our entire advice process. Ensuring that all our clients can receive the very best independent financial planning and investment advice.

Clients and businesses decide to work with Burton and Fisher Financial Services for a variety of different reasons. It maybe they are tired of the impersonal nature of much of the mass market advice that is available, or that they are not able to access financial advice through traditional channels such as the high street banks. One thing is certain however, those that choose to work with Burton and Fisher can be assured that the advice is, and always has been, fully independent. This means that our advice is without restriction, bias or affiliation to any product or provider.

Our services

Our detailed, independent financial planning service, coupled with our investment expertise and friendly, jargon free, face to face advice offering means that we can work with clients to craft investment portfolios that meet their individual needs. We know that each of our clients is unique and will have distinct financial goals with different attitudes to the risk that they are willing to take in order to achieve their goals.

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We have over 20 years of experience

Burton and Fisher enjoys an enviable reputation in North Lancashire, South Cumbria and the surrounding areas, with some of our advisers having now worked with clients, families and owner-managed businesses for well over twenty years.

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